Glastonbury Festival

The Stone Circle

For several years now, Kiota have been lucky enough to be involved with Glastonbury Festival. Each year a group of volunteers goes along to the festival and work as litter pickers. Kiota benefits by receiving what the volunteers would have been paid…  Read on to find out more! You can also click on the link below to see a short film about what litter picking at Glastonbury involves: 

Glastonbury 2009

A huge thank you to eveybody who took part in this year’s festival raising nearly £6000 for Kiota! Below are some comments (good and bad!) from some of you who attended. Please pay close attention if you are considering coming next year- although it can be a fun way to see the festival, litter picking is not for the faint-hearted!

“There should be a lot of free cake!”

“I’d come again but not to do recycling!”

“Less work, more sex, drugs and rock and roll (or sausage rolls)”

“I want meat! I’m allergic to lentils, chick peas and kidney beans…AAAGGHH! Otherwise lovely.”“Less lentils please!”

“Less work!”

“I’ve had the best time and will be here again next year.”


Group Photo - 2009 (courtesy of Nkosana Phiri)


Glastonbury 2008

2008 was another great year for the dedicated litter pickers (with sun for a change! Hooray!) raising a magnificent £5663.50 for Kiota!! A massive thank you to eveybody involved![more about Glastonbury 2008]

Glastonbury Festival 2007

Kiota’s ties with Glastonbury Festival are such that for any volunteer taking part through Kiota, the organisers of Glastonbury will donate money to Kiota. But what is it really like working in the recycling centre of what is arguably the most popular festival in the UK? Thanks to volunteer Graham Lyons for his article we can find out. [more about Glastonbury 2007]

25th July 2008