About Us


The current trustees are:

Pippa Brown (Directing Trustee)

Helen Costigane (Finance trustee)

Erica Hicks (Info and Comms Trustee).  

Alice Lunsden (Secretary).

We also have help from a number of volunteers including Hilary, Laura and Ian Brown and Oriel and Steve Hicks.

Kiota is an independent charity working in the UK to raise funds for Tanzanian–based organisation, KIWOHEDE. (find out more about what KIWOHEDE does below)

Kiota (meaning nest in Swahili) was set up by Pippa and Erica following a Gap year trip to Tanzania in 2002 where they taught English and organised recreational activities for the children at the various KIWOHEDE drop-in centres.

They were so impressed by the work of the organisation that they set up Kiota (reg. Charity no. 1101316) in order to raise money for the children and young people they worked with.

All trustees and helpers work on a voluntary basis so that all funds raised can be spent directly on Kiota’s projects in Tanzania.

Pippa (left) and Erica (right) outside the KIWOHEDE centre in Manzeze, Dar es Salaam

Above: Pippa and Erica at the Manzese Centre in Dar es Salaam in 2002



Kiota Women’s Health and Development organisation (KIWOHEDE) was established in 1995 by five local Tanzanian women to work towards and promote the rights, health and development of women and children in Tanzania.

KIWOHEDE is a non-governmental, community based project which empowers impoverished, abused and exploited women and young people by providing them with skills and alternatives to change their lives.

It does this through basic education, vocational training and raising awareness of children’s and women’s rights within the community. More about KIWOHEDE’s internationally recognised work can be found at www.kiwohede.org

Justa Mwaituka (Director of KIWOHEDE Visits supporters in London August 08)

Justa Mwaituka, Director and founder of KIWOHEDE (second right) visits supporters in London in August 2008