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Erica Runs Malvern Half Marathon for Kiota


Erica ran the Malvern Half Marathon on 7th June to raise money for Kiota, please find her account of the day below:

It has to be said that running isn’t really me…
However, in a moment of madness, I agreed to run 13 miles in the Malvern Half Marathon on the on 7th June for Kiota. Although I was running a few miles each week, it wasn’t until three weeks before that I really began to panic and start training more seriously. It was probably because of this that I wan’t able to walk properly for a week after the event (I still crumpled at the sight of stairs for another three weeks).

 The first five or so miles weren’t too bad, there were plenty of people around which kept everybody’s spirits up. I also somehow got through the next five without collapsing. In training, I thought when I got to 10 miles I’d be able to almost sprint the last three – “What’s three miles after all?” I had thought to myself. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as easy as I’d anticipated. My legs burned and I wanted to stop at every step- every few metres became more difficult. However, I completed the run without stopping (my main aim as my boss had promised to double my sponsorship money if I didn’t walk!) in 2 hours 15 minutes- an achievement which, as a non-runner,  I was very proud!

 I’d like to thank everyone who sponsored me as the event raised £200 for Kiota- thank you!!