Glastonbury Festival 2008

The Stone Circle

Group photo

Breakfast time at last!

Rather than paying workers to clean the Glastonbury fields, the organisers of the famous music festival recruit volunteers from various charities to pick litter in return from a free ticket, free meals and much sought after,unlimited hot showers…. They then pay the charity the volunteer’s wages, benefitting everyone! 

At Glastonbury again this year, a dedicated group of litter pickers worked hard on behalf of Kiota and in return, the charity was paid by the organisers.  Everybody’s hard work paid off helping to raise a phenomenal £5663.50 for Kiota!! Thank you to everybody who gave up their time- it really did pay off! Thanks also to volunteer Nkosana Phiri who took these great photos of the litter pickers in action!

Anyone interested in volunteering at next year’s festival should contact Erica at the following address