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Kiwohede founder, Mama Justa Mwaituka and colleague Mama Eddah visit UK

Justa and Eddah with some of their supporters in Knutsford


Kiwodede Founder and Director, Mama Justa Mwaituka and Project Officer at the Buguruni centre, Mama Eddah, visited the UK last week and met up with some of their supporters.


Although the trip was a personal holiday for Justa and Edda to catch up with old friends, they took time out to thank their supporters for their fundraising efforts over the past 6 years, helping to raise, to date, a phenomenal £60,000 for Kiwohede.


In an informal speech, Justa spoke of her experience in setting up the Tanzanian charity in 1995 following her degree and some of the difficulties she faced at the time. She could see there were girls working in prostitution in need of her help. In order to attract their attention, she dressed like them and pretended to tout for business on their territory. Once she got their attention, following initial negative remarks (“Hey lady, move over- this is my spot! What are you doing?!”), she gained their trust and was able to convince them that there was an alternative and invited them along to her centre which at this time was her family home.


When Justa started up the charity, she was working full time and increasingly had to sneak out of work for charity functions. She spoke of one day when she left work early without saying anything to her boss in order to meet with the prime minister. The next day she was in all the papers and when her boss confronted her she couldn’t deny it was the same Justa Mwaituka who worked for him….luckily he was very understanding!


Following media coverage and word-of-mouth, the charity took off and today has 22 centres in 10 districts throughout Tanzania. Since its initiation, Kiwohede has helped around 36,000 young people many of which have been involved in prostitution,  domestic servitude and trafficking. Kiwohede is now internationally recognised and has received backing from Unicef, ILO and IOM.  


During their recent trip, Justa and Edda visited Knutsford (where they stayed with the Browns), Manchester and London (where Justa’s son, Fadhili, is studying) , and spent much of the time wrapped in blankets to protect themselves from the cold, British summer…


They are now safely back and warm in Tanzania and thank everybody for their hospitality!


Justa and Eddah from Kiwohede, Tanzania with Trustees Pippa and Erica from Kiota, UK

Eddah and Justa with some of their UK supporters




BB contestant supports Kiwohede



Big Brother Africa II contestant Tatiana, runner up in the African reality TV show visited Tanzania earlier this year and was crowned a good will ambassador for Kiwohede.

In her speech, she emphasised the importance of young girls to take precautions to prevent themselves from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and to stop unwanted pregnancies. 

She said she will be working with the girls to make sure they realise their dreams in life by helping market the items they produce and recording their songs.


Kiota’s Running Costs

Since it began, Kiota has always given 100% of its donations where they are needed most – to projects in Tanzania.  In the past, this has meant Trustees footing all the administration costs. However, as the charity has grown, this has become increasingly difficult. Following several discussions, Trustees have felt that, in order for the charity to continue successfully, a small portion of donations will have to go towards running costs.  These costs, (which include printing and postage) are minimal and will not exceed 3% of the charity’s income (starting in May 2008)  We hope that our supporters understand our predicament and back us in our decision.