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Kiwohede Choir Rehearsing

Kiota is an independent charity (reg. no. 1101316) set up in order to raise project specific funds for KIWOHEDE (Kiota Women’s Health and Development), a Tanzanian organisation working for the rights, health and development of women and children in Tanzania.

KIWOHEDE works in communities, empowering impoverished, abused and exploited women and children by providing them with skills and alternatives to change their lives.

Please have a look at Kiwohede’s new webpage at www.kiwohede.org

Kiota is the Kiswahili word for nest, representing the safe haven that the centres provide for many women and young people. In 22 centres across Tanzania, in both rural and urban settings, KIWOHEDE provides:

  • Basic education
  • Vocational training
  • Counselling
  • HIV and other STD testing
  • Emergency accommodation for those that are most in need (10 centres)
  • One meal a day for those attending the centres
  • Financial support and advice

The Kiwhede Choir Rehearse; The Crisis Centre at Bunju; Pippa Brown with Justa Mwaituka

Every afternoon for 6 months during their gap year, Erica Hicks and Pippa Brown each visited a centre in Dar Es Salaam and were so impressed with the organisation that on return to the UK they vowed to raise funds for them. In 2003, they established the charity Kiota to this end.